Contributing your BigY raw data

Study participants who have had the BigY test done to sequence their Y chromosome may choose to contribute their raw data to our public database.  Such participants agree to their raw sequence data (BAM files of their BigY tests), together with their surname (but not their full identity or email address) being used and publicised by analysts and private researchers to advance the understanding of the significance and direct implications of their test.  Follow the instructions below if you wish to contribute your data.   

Log in to your Family Tree DNA account and navigate to the "BigY results" page.  On that page select the "Download Raw Data" link (highlighted below)

Read the warning and scroll down.  If you agree click the "Download VCF" button to download a small file summarizing your raw data to your computer.  Then click the "Share BAM" button :

If the website says you must contact Family Tree DNA support in order to make your BAM file available, do that and return here once they tell you the process has been completed.  Once this works you should see an address as follows:

Click the "copy" button.  Compose an e-mail to the study administrator, paste in the link to the BAM file, and attach the VCF file you downloaded above.  The study administrator will then arrange for your raw data to be stored along with that of the other study participants.