Managing your FTDNA Account

After you have ordered and paid for a DNA test with FTDNA they give you a personal webpage account in which you are offered various options.  How you select these options is for you to decide.  However these sophisticated options govern your privacy and how much value you obtain from this Study;  alas finding and understanding them is not straightforward and the default settings are not optimal.
The following advice will help you to make most appropriate use of your investment for both yourself and for our Study. 
Note 1. Details below may change from time to time. 
          2. Wording below in bold print warrants your special attention.
          3. "Sign out" and "Sign in" again to see if your change has been implemented successfully.
          4. Your admins cannot change these settings for you.
1.  Go to convenience you may wish to add this page to your list of "Favourites" or "Bookmarks".  Sign in with  your FTDNA Kit Number and password.
2.  From this personal page click "Manage Personal Information", or under your name in blue click "My Profile", or starting afresh, go to and "Sign in".
3.  Click “Account Information”:

- “Contact Information”:  Some details are “required” (i.e. compulsory).
    Note 1.  An option is provided at the bottom of the page for a second email address - useful if you want to enable a relative to sight your account. 
              2.  Administrators cannot update changes of e-mail addresses: you have to do this yourself, or ask FTDNA's Help desk ((001) 713 868 1438) for help.
              3.  Outdated email addresses will not receive bulk emails or Study Updates.

- “Change Password”: facility if needed.                
- “Beneficiary Information”:  Please consider completing this section.  The procedure is extremely simple.  You can select a project admin if you wish.  
4. Click  “Genealogy”:
- “Earliest Known ancestors”:  Please complete “Direct Paternal” data for your earliest confirmed paternal ancestor 
e.g. "Country":  United States;  "Name":  John Irwin b.c1820 PA, d.1870 TX.  Do not add additional information here. 
     Note 1. Please e-mail the Study admin advising where you think this man's paternal ancestors came from, and your own country of residence.   
               2. This Study does not use “Direct Maternal” or “Ancestral Location” data
               3. Additional genealogical data is not required, for workload and privacy reasons..
5. Click “Privacy & Sharing”:
- “Your Profile”:  Click “i” icon to show the data that will be shared with matches displayed on “Matches” page.    
- "Law Enforcement Matching (LEM)".  It is important you select the option that accords with your personal views on this matter.       
“Matching Preferences”:  For “Y-DNA Matching” selecting “All levels” is recommended.
“Origins Sharing”:  This “Opt in” is irrelevant unless you are interested in Deep Ancestry.
“Family Tree Sharing”:  This gives options for your sharing of “my Family Tree” if you so wish.

6. Click  “Project Preferences”: 
- "Group Project Administrator Access":  For the "Irwin Clan" Group Project (i.e. this Study) please select "pen" icon and allow “Limited", or preferably "Advanced", access to all admins/co-admins
     Note  1. The roles of the various Co-admins is given in the last item of "Administrative Matters" on this website.
You may join as many projects as you like, at no cost.
                3. “Advanced" access enables admins to sight your postal address and other details, but not to alter any details.
                4. Please do not allow “Minimum" access  (formerly "Group Project Access Only”), as this prevents admins viewing and advising on your “Matches”.
                5. You may click the "Leave" box at any time if you wish to leave this project/Study, but please also advise the Project Administrator.
- “Project Sharing”:  -- “Group Project Profile”:  Please slide the box “Opt in to sharing” to the right.   
    Note  1. This enables you to share your DNA results (identified only by kit number), your surname and country of residence etc. on our public Results page.
               2. Neither your name nor your email address will appear on public results pages including our project website
               3. Only by sharing this data can you optimise your participation in our Study and can our Study achieve its Goals.
               4. Opting in to share your results in public is now FTDNA's default for new customers, but was not for those who joined 2015 through mid-2018.
               5. Unless/until you tick your "Opt in to sharing" box your results are deleted from the public version of our main results table and replaced with "not shared in public".  You may however ask the Study Administrator at any time for a members-only version of our main results table that includes the details of all participants.  Such members-only versions must not be made public on web pages etc. 
- “Coding Region Sharing”:  Not relevant to this Study.

 7. Click  “Notification Preferences”:  The options selected by default maximise your benefits of your FTDNA testing
      Note 1. Keeping all the “Y-DNA” boxes selected will result in many superfluous emails headed “We have found a New Y-DNA Relative”.
                2. Unselecting the Y-12 and Y-25 boxes will avoid receipt of e-mails of little value.  
                3. But be sure to keep “Projects” at "Subscribe" selected so as to receive ‘bulk’ emails.  

Notes on other "boxes" on your Personal FTDNA page:                                                

Y-DNA – “Matches”:  Note that most of the dissimilar surnames in these lists are “false positives” and that some “false negatives” are excluded:  Also upgrading to a higher resolution (i.e. to more markers) is often not the best investment (see > “Interpreting your DNA Test Results” and > “Choosing your next test”).

Y-DNA – “Ancestral Origins, “Matches Maps”, “Migration Maps”, “SNP Map” & Haplogroup Origins”:  These pages are of little relevance to this Study.  More focussed analyses are provided at

Y-DNA – “Haplotree & SNPs:  These pages are of great value once you have taken a SNP or BigY test.

Y-DNA – Y-STR Results:  This is the raw data of your personal Y-STR test data which is uploaded to your Y-DNA STR Certificate and, if you have ticked the Project sharing opt in box, to and

Y-DNA – Print Certificates: This enables you to print three certificates.

Contact FTDNA's Help desk ((001) 713 868 1438 or your Study Administrator ( if you need further help.