7. History of the Study

Milestones relevant to the history of the Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study (CISDS) include:

2000 FamilyTreeDNA founded

2004 Kent Irvin started comparing Irwin DNA test results

2005, Nov CISDS founded, by Kent Irvin and James Irvine, initially with 23 members

2007, Nov CISDS membership reached 100

2008, Nov DNA tests showed the ancestral lines of Bonshaw and Drum to be unlreated during surname era

2010, mid CISDS membership reached 200

2011, early Borders branch first sub-divided

2011, Mar L555 SNP first identified, by William Erwin's "Walk Through the Y" test results

2011 CISDS website revamped, by Rick Byers

2013, early CISDS membership reached 300

2013, Nov FTDNA launched BigY; first Irwin BigY order

2014, Oct Irvine Clan Autosomal DNA Project founded, by Philip Irvine

2015, mid First 12 L555 BigY tests, including 6 funded by donations, showed need for L555 Pack test

2015, Nov - 2017 L555 BigY results analysed using BAM data

2016, early CISDS membership reached 400

2016, Apr FTDNA launched L555 Pack test

2016, fall L555 Pack test showing that initial Borders branch sub-divisions were misleading

2018, Apr FTDNA launched BigY500

2018, May CISDS website Privacy Statement first published

2018, Sept FTDNA haplotree first published, rendering BAM anlayses unnecessary

2019, Feb FTDNA launched BigY700

2020, Mar The Irwin Surname published

2020, mid CISDS membership reached 500

2021, Nov CISDS website revamped